Advanced dental care in a comfortable small-town setting.

Whatever your dental needs, from a complete exam and cleaning to a full-mouth restoration, we deliver exceptional care and results. When you come to visit us here at Dundas Dental Care, you will find a group of highly-knowledgeable and caring staff who are equipped with industry leading dental technology. Ultimately, this results in a confidence that only comes with a healthy smile.

Preventative and Routine Care
It is important to take care of your smile—and not just for cosmetic reasons. Preventative dentistry is essential to oral care and plays a significant role in your overall health and well-being. Ongoing hygiene procedures and daily routines prevent tooth decay and other dental complications and diseases. Early detection is crucial and can ensure less extensive and expensive treatment. Our preventative dentistry practices will have us working with you, complimenting your at-home oral care with professional chair-side treatment and guidance.

We help with:
• Gum Therapy
• Fluoride
• Routine Exams
• Sealants
• Night Guards
• Mouth Guards
• Laser Dentist

Restorative Dentistry
During your dental examination our Doctors will use instruments, tests, radiographs and their dental expertise to diagnose your oral health. An individualized plan is developed to prevent or treat disease states of the oral cavity.. At Dundas Dental Care we provide a variety of restorative treatments including:

In the case of cosmetic dentistry, we will collaborate with you to identify your goals and deliver a beautiful smile that inspires confidence. A few of the restorative and cosmetic treatments we can help with include:
• Tooth Coloured Fillings
• Porcelain Veneers
• Root Canal Therapy
• Crown & Bridge
• Dental Implants
• Partial & Complete Dentures 

If you have any questions, concerns or would simply like to connect regarding your—or a family member’s—oral health, feel free to contact us at anytime!

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What should I expect as a new patient at Dundas Dental Care?

When we welcome a New Patient at Dundas Dental Care we follow a certain protocol that we have found over the years to provide us & our patients the best possible treatment outcome. It starts with:

  • ‍a details medical history.
  • ‍meet & greet with the dentist to address any possible emergency or concern
  • ‍Full exam with the dentist which includes interview about past dental experience and any negative previous experience, expectations & concerns followed by precise documentation of any previous dental work, X-rays , Gum assessment & finally teeth assessment.
  • ‍Depending on the outcome a treatment plan is put in place & all findings are explained & presented to the patient.
  • ‍Our treatment coordinator addresses any insurance concerns and makes sure patients are well informed of their treatment plan
  • ‍Hygiene appointment to go over home care & start gum care.
  • ‍Treatment performed as discussed and patient placed on maintenance program.
What is a Root Canal & why does it a have a bad reputation?

A root canal is a procedure that is indicated when a tooth has an inflamed or dead nerve that in either conditions is causing pain and discomfort. The tooth is numbed completely and a small opening is made under extreme magnification and the affected nerve is cleared and its space is filled. The procedure doesn’t not hurt & any discomfort that could possibly happen following the procedure is usually controlled with medications.

The reason why root canals have had a bad reputation over the years is related to either pain control during the procedure, or fracture of the tooth after the procedure were the patient ended losing the tooth later. At Dundas Dental Care we use the latest technology in anesthesia & magnification that guarantees the procedure is smooth & pain free. Root canals are done as a part of a comprehensive treatment plans to address any concerns in the tooth and make sure that our patients are always ahead of any emergencies so they can keep their teeth for along time.

Why is gum health an important part of my treatment plan?

Gum health is directly related to general health the healthier your gums the healthier you. your gum is a mirror of you general health

The gum is the frame of your smile & in many cases it could be the difference between a successful & a failed treatment outcome and for that gum treatment is the corner stone of any successful treatment plan.

How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

Preventative care is vital to oral health. Our patients often visit us three to four times per year for a good cleaning.

What is a filling?

Ultimately, a filling brings a tooth to a repaired state—but getting there is a three-step process. We will remove any tooth decay, clean area extensively, and than apply a gold or white plastic resin to fully repair the tooth.

What causes cavities?

Bacterial infections can find their way in-between teeth if left unchecked. When this bacteria feeds on the left-over food particles from what we eat, an acid is created that attacks and weakens the enamel of the tooth.

meet the team

Dr. Mo From Dentistry in Dundas, Ontario
Dr. Lamiaa

I love treating children and adults but there is something special about working with a child who is too shy or afraid to even look you in the eye. That first smile when they realize they are going to be fine always gives me a wonderful feeling.

Dr. Mo From Dentistry in Dundas, Ontario
Dr. Mo

Everything we do is done with care, kindness and respect for the patient. We are a family clinic in the truest sense. People who come through our doors want the best for their families in exactly the same way our staff want what’s best for theirs.

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