Dr. Lamiaa


On working with young people: “I love treating children and adults but there is something special about working with a child who is too shy or afraid to even look you in the eye. That first smile when they realize they are going to be fine always gives me a wonderful feeling.”

On the care of the staff:  “I have friends who come here and say, ‘how does Sandi remember all of our names and who is having a baby?’ That’s just who she is. Every person on the staff is the same way. They are kind people…with each other and with the patient. Mo and I feel we have the perfect team.”

 ·        Lamiaa grew up in Cairo, the daughter of a father who practiced law and a mom who ran a medical supplies business. As a young girl, she imagined life as a veterinarian.

Then I just had a wonderful orthodontist who I admired. I wanted a job where I helped so dentistry was a great fit.”

·        Lamiaa met Mo over dinner near the Nile with a bunch of friends from her dentistry program at Cairo University.

“I sat beside Mo. We went for tea afterwards and a walk.  We ended up talking for five hours that first meeting.”

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