Dr. Mo


On what Dundas Dental Care stands for: "Everything we do is done with care, kindness and respect for the patient.”

On the role of family at Dundas Dental Care: “We are a family clinic in the truest sense. People who come through our doors want the best for their families in exactly the same way our staff want what’s best for theirs.”

· Mo was famous among his fellow dentistry students at Cairo University for his absolute insistence on dental tools that gave patients the most comfort. “My equipments kit was a wonderland,” Mo laughed.”

· His insistence on the most comfortable procedures shows in the equipment at Dundas Dental Care. Mo uses a needleless freezing machine that does not numb the mouth as well as a special microscope that allows for incredibly precise fillings and crowns. Our latest gadget is the Cerec systems which allows us to provide the most accurate & beautiful prosthetics such as crowns/inlays & onlays with the highest level of comfort & success.

· Mo’s father is a pediatric cardiologist who continues to work six days a week. His mother earned a degree in radiation physics, became fascinated by computer programming and left the medical field to teach programming in high school.

Mo enjoys playing squash and is a member of Cedar Springs Racquet & health Club.

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