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Children’s Dentistry
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When children visit a dental office for the first time, it lays the foundation for oral health that will last a lifetime.

Getting ready for your first appointment

Feel free to tell your child about the upcoming trip to the dentist, but don’t share too much detail. The dentist will talk to your child about the appointment that will make the visit a pleasant experience. Our staff will explain the purpose of the equipment and technology dentists use. We speak in a kid-friendly language to describe procedures that will not intimidate your child, but teach him or her to think of dental visits in a positive way.

During your first visit, you may expect our team to do the following:
  • Make sure your child is at ease. Answer any questions your child may have about the dental treatment process.
  • Explain “dental speak” or any terms commonly used. Doing so will help your child understand the value of oral care and dental health. We will assess his or her cavity risk, which is a great tool for teaching children the significance of proper oral hygiene.
  • Check your child’s gums and soft tissues for disease or other problems. Examine your child’s teeths to make sure there’s no decay. Assess the alignment of your child’s teeth, often referred to as “the bite,” as well as tooth and bone growth.
  • Expose any bad habits that may be hampering the growth of your child’s teeth. Demonstrate to you and your child the correct way to keep teeth clean at all times.
  • Identify spots that are not properly cleaned during brushing. Our staff will give your child a chewable tabled that reveals plaque in a bright colour and demonstrate syour child’s oral hygiene.
  • Point to any potential areas of concern by taking photos inside the child’s mouth.
  • Boost your understanding about maintaining your child’s dental health, answer any questions you may have and discuss possible concerns.

Contact us today

to schedule an initial consultation & exam.

Your consultation will include an examination of everything from your teeth, gums and soft tissues to the shape and condition of your bite. Generally, we want to see how your whole mouth looks and functions. Before we plan your treatment we want to know everything about the health and aesthetic of your smile, and, most importantly, what you want to achieve so we can help you get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important part of your childs first visit is providing them with a positive dental experience to set the tone for future visits. Your child’s appointment will depend on their willingness to cooperate. It may include x-rays, an examination by a dentist, and a gentle cleaning by a hygienist.

Unless your child is already experiencing dental pain, their check-up and cleaning should be a positive and painless experience. Being scared of the dentist, especially when it’s a new experience, is very common. It’s our mission to keep your child as comfortable as possible and show them there’s nothing to be afraid of. If your child is already experiencing pain or discomfort, don’t hesitate to call. It’s important to find the source of the problem so your child can find relief.

The length of the appointment depends on the needs of your child and their teeth. Typically, appointments last one hour.

Just like mom and dad, children should come in for a cleaning and a check-up every 6-8 months.

Children are welcome for their first dental appointment around the age of 3. Don’t hesitate to call sooner if you become concerned about the oral health of your child.

Baby teeth are no less important than their permanent counterparts. In most cases, primary teeth will develop by the time your child turns three. They typically all fall out by age 12 or 13. Parents should understand that baby teeth do so much more than hold space in the jaws for permanent teeth.

We reserve the appointment slot exclusively for you. We do not double book. Therefore, we would ask that you give us 48-hours notice to cancel an appointment so we have time to offer the slot to someone else who may be waiting.