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Same-Day Crowns in Dundas

CEREC same-day crowns eliminate the need for impressions. We will design, create, and permanently bond your crown to your tooth all in one visit—no temporary crowns needed!
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What’s the Process of Getting a Crown?

Before CEREC technology, getting a crown required 2-3 appointments and an uncomfortable temporary crown. Now, thanks to new techniques and technology, the process is easier than ever.

    CEREC crowns offer the following advantages:
  • Highly accurate and comfortable digital 3D scan
  • Complete treatment in as little as one visit
  • Preservation of more of your natural tooth structure.

Our Treatment

Examining and Preparing the Tooth

During your appointment, we will thoroughly examine your tooth. If the tooth is affected by decay, we will remove the damaged areas and clean it. If your tooth has stress fractures, a crown will help protect it from breaking along the fracture lines. Then, we will shape your natural tooth so the crown fits comfortably over it.

Shaping the Crown

Once your tooth has been prepared, we’ll use a 3D scanner to take a highly accurate digital scan of your tooth. This eliminates the need for traditional impressions and trays. The 3D scan is used to create a precise digital model of your new crown. Using our in-house CEREC machine, your porcelain crown is crafted while you wait.

Placing the Crown

Your new crown will be bonded in place immediately, so no second appointment or temporary crown is needed. Your dentist will make a few final adjustments to ensure it fits perfectly. After a final polish, your new crown is ready to go, providing you with a seamless and comfortable dental solution.

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Schedule an initial consultation and exam with us. During your consultation, we will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, soft tissues, and the shape and condition of your bite. Our goal is to understand how your entire mouth looks and functions. Before planning your treatment, we want to know everything about the health and aesthetics of your smile, and most importantly, what you want to achieve so we can help you get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your tooth needs to be shaped or prepared in advance, you might experience some discomfort. Your comfort is our priority. If you’re nervous about any dental procedure, please let us know.

With proper care and maintenance, a crown can last for 10 years or longer.

A dental crown is maintained just like a natural tooth. Regular brushing and flossing help keep your dental crown and the surrounding gum healthy and clean. Routine cleanings and checkups at your dentist are essential for your overall oral health.

You should speak with your insurance provider to determine if they will cover your crown. After your initial consultation, we can provide you with a quote to present to your insurance provider.

We reserve your appointment slot exclusively for you and do not double book. Therefore, we kindly request that you provide us with 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel an appointment, allowing us to offer the slot to another patient who may be waiting.

Dundas Dental Care - Dundas

Dr. Lamiaa


Your Same-Day Crowns Dentist

Dr. Lamiaa graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Dentistry with Honors in 2002 and the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Dentistry in 2011.

She is passionate about cosmetic dentistry and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Lamiaa aims to provide incredibly compassionate care and always takes the time to listen to her patients and work with them to plan their health goals for the future. She also always makes sure to explain procedures and treatments to her patients so that they can understand every part of their care and treatment. Dr. Lamiaa also enjoys treating kids and understands the additional patience and attention they require when receiving dental care.

When she isn’t working, Dr. Lamiaa is a mother of three and loves spending time with her family. She also enjoys travelling, sports, and playing Pickleball.

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